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First Birthday Gift For Baby

First Birthday Gift For Baby

Is your toddler getting to the I-year mark, and you are overwhelmed at the birthday gift to give them? You are not alone; many parents do not know what is the best first birthday gift for their kids since they do not know what the kid likes already. However, you do not have to keep perusing the internet searching for the most unique or expensive gift for their first birthday. Here is a gift that almost every parent will find suitable for their one-year-old kid.

Balance Bikes

Some kids seem to pedal right from the start, but some parental advice and help are needed. Most children will undergo a learning process that could take months, weeks, or days, depending on the kid. Riding bikes requires perfect coordination and balance. If you can get your one-year-old to learn these fast enough, the balance bike could be the best birthday gift for 1 year old boy.

Many kids learn cycling with the help of training wheels, also known as stabilizers. Experts believe that balance bikes are better than stabilizers if the kid develops good coordination and balance.

Balance Bike Debunked

It is a bike with no pedals and is ideal for the first birthday gift for baby. Even though the bike has handlebars, a fork, wheels, and a frame, the kid has to move it forward manually using their feet. Balance bikes do not come with stabilizers. That helps the kids develop their coordination and balance since they have to support themselves with their feet and coordinate the movements.

How does it work?

These bikes are low for the kids to touch the ground while sitting on the saddle. To move it forward, kids can start by pushing the bike and then walk alongside the bike. With time they will start running with the bike, gliding and striding on it. If the child can independently glide on the balance bike, it means they have gained their balance and coordination. They are now able to pedal a bike and move on their own.

However, do not rush the kids; if they still want to glide on the balance bike, let them be confident enough to hop on a peddling bicycle. The balance bike teaches kids how to steer corners while maintaining their balance since they can always touch the ground with their feet in case of anything.

Are balance bikes worth it?

Probably you are out there wondering should I purchase the balance bike as a 1 year old baby gift? Well, the truth is, this bike is worth your money. These bikes give your kid much earlier independence than the conventional pedal bikes sold with stabilizers. Balance bikes weigh less due to their make which makes them less of a burden to your kid. With these bikes, no instructions are required. By removing peddling in the equation, the kid can focus on their balancing and coordination effectively.

Features of the Balance Bike

  • The first and prominent feature of this bike is that it does not have any pedals. That typically enables the kid the focus all their attention on the balancing part and coordination.
  • They are low – the balance bike is made low purpose for the child to touch the ground with their feet. That is their stand for the bike and what keeps them maintaining their balance.
  • Limited 135-degree rotation – the balance bike cannot fully rotate the handle to keep your child from falling. Having 135-degrees means the bike will still be stable enough even if they move the handle to the left or right.
  • Environmentally friendly wheels and handlebars – the balance bike handlebars and wheels are made of unique material that is not harmful to the environment.
  • Lightweight – the bike weighs just 4.84 pounds. Your kids will easily move around with the balance bike since it is as heavy as the traditional pedal bike.

Benefits of a Balance Bike

Getting a balance bike as a birthday gift for 1 year old boy could be the best thing that ever happened to him. The bike has several benefits to him as far as learning how to ride a bike is concerned. Among the top benefits and why you should buy the balance bike for your kid is:

1. It hands the kid more control

One of the key benefits of this bike is that your kid has more control over the cycle. They are introduced to cycling while they can still balance themselves with their feet on the ground. Bike riding is never easy, and its accidents can be nasty. However, with these bikes, your toddler is introduced to riding but is still very secure and safe.

2. Builds confidence

Do you recall your first time sitting on that bicycle saddle how you felt? It is always a tense moment with thoughts of falling and getting injured crisscrossing your mind. The same case applies to your kid. They will shake and even cry. Even though falling is almost inevitable as you practice, it is not very encouraging for the kids. However, the good thing is that balance bikes are very low, meaning falling is never easy. With the ease of use of these bikes, your child will easily pick up their balance, building their confidence and self-assurance.

3. It helps them master skills stepwise

Balancing, steering the handle, and peddling might be too much for a 1 year old. With these balance bikes, your kid learns the riding skills stepwise. They will first learn how to sit on the saddle and plant their feet on the ground. After that, they will try to find balance while on the bike and move their feet. Their hands will feel the direction the cycle seems to be moving, and they will learn to steer in that direction. Before long, they will be all over the place all day with the balance bike.

4. Boosts development

Balance bikes have several developmental benefits, such as learning how to take corners (motor planning), learning how they can balance on the bike and move (vestibular system), and learning how they can avoid hitting obstacles (spatial awareness).

Final Thoughts

If you are unsettled on a 1 year old baby gift, then the balance bike is what you need to get them. These bikes are not only easy to handle and ride, but they also give the kids lots of joy as they hop from one place to another.

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