1 Year Baby Birthday Gift

1 Year Baby Birthday Gift

1 Year Baby Birthday Gift

Children are drawn to toys just the way flies are to fire. Even if you do not supply your child with any conventional toys, you will notice that it will fashion them with anything that’s available. Have you ever thought about how crucial toys can be for the holistic development of children?

Children, even when they are as small as one year, tend to have an innate knowledge of their needs and they invariably gravitate towards it. So encouraging your children with the best toys can assist in their motor and intellectual development.

What are the advantages of educational toys for children?

Educational toys can serve as wonderful one year old baby girl gifts while offering a broad array of benefits for the young ones as they grow. Educational toys for such a tender age are designed to stimulate their minds while assisting them in learning. Such playthings help in imbibing problem-solving skills, resolution of conflicts, nurturing imagination, developing motor skills and a lot of other things while it plays. Let’s take a look at the important benefits proffered by the perfect toy for your children in minute details.

1.Improves IQ:

If you choose an educational you as a 1 year baby birthday gift, it will help in their memory retention, coordination, motor skill development, and literacy. All these aspects are highly crucial in developing a child’s IQ. An ordinary toy only offers enjoyment and entertainment. On the flip side, educational toys attempt to blend learning with playing. By gifting these toys, you can help the development of a child’s IQ.

2. Develops motor and sensory skills:

By playing regularly, children develop sensory and motor skills. With the eight educational toys, this process is further enhanced. Such toys are particularly useful in enhancing fine motor skills and aid in hand-eye coordination. Puzzles and building blocks are the most effective in this regard. Rather than gifting typical girlish presents to a baby girl, you can rather go for 1 year baby birthday gift that can help the toddler to learn problem-solving skills and by employing their hands and eyes to link distinct pieces together.

3. Boosts problem-solving skills:

One of the most critical benefits of educational toys for kids is their ability to challenge them mentally. Toys like magnetic puzzles are very useful in motivating toddlers to solve a problem. These puzzles will constantly push them to see which piece fits where through the process of trial and error. With rigorous practice, children can learn more fascinating ways of completing the puzzles. As a result, their minds will grow and they become adept at problem-solving skills.

Top-notch educational toys to help in your child’s holistic development

1. Baby Balance Bikes For 1-3 Years

Compared to the regular balancing bikes, this one is particularly designed to bring down the hassles of riding. As kids grow up, they tend to deviate toward smartphones and tablets rather than spending time playing with toys.

But if you present this one as 1 year baby birthday gift, your child will love to cycle and be highly active from a very young age. With time, you will notice that your child has learnt to transit seamlessly to regular bikes with pedals. This implies that you will not have to run behind your baby to encourage him so that he keeps on riding.


  • Improves leg strength and self-confidence
  • Adjustable seat
  • 45-degree limit of steering
  • Convenient seat with proper ergonomic pad

2. Cheese Montessori Toys

Yet another educational toy to ignite your baby’s intrinsic talent, the wooden shape sorter is a perfect gift for small children. It is designed to help your child become resourceful, independent, and practical to thrive in the world around them. Further, it aids in improving fine motor skills while developing fine motor skills. The material used in making this shape sorter is safe for children and of premium quality.


  • Improves wrist-eye coordination
  • Made with high-quality wood and non-toxic paint
  • Rounded edge with a smooth surface
  • Helps in colour recognition while developing fine motor skills

3. Sensory Bin Toy For 1 Year olds

Contrary to conventional shape sorters that give a single solution shape sorters, this one allows young minds to discover their own way of slipping the blocks through elasticized bands. The frame box of the toy is made of top-end ABS plastic that has rounded corners to protect them from any kind of injury. The Dinos are constructed from soft rubber which is devoid of all kinds of toxins.

The box and blocks of this game are designed for infants of 10 months and you can rest assured that your toddlers are going to have endless enjoyment. It is a sensory toy that looks very cute for children to play with. The colours, as well as the texture of the toy, are fascinating while being extremely sturdy to withstand various conditions.


  • Aids in tactile exploration
  • Teaches fine motor and problem-solving skills
  • Made of top quality BPA free non-toxic materials
  • Designed for babies aged between 10 months and 36 months

4. Wooden Activity Cube Montessori Toys

If you are looking for suitable one year old baby girl gifts, then this Montessori bead maze toy is the perfect one. It is designed to improve the counting skills, motor skills and creative thinking in small children. It is constructed from high-quality pine wood and coloured with environment-friendly paint. It is non-toxic and absolutely safe for small children.


  • Contains cartoon graphics and number cubes
  • High-end wood without any barbs
  • Rainbow-coloured abacus beads
  • Good for learning colours and counting

The Bottom Line

As a parent, you must have thought that your baby is too small to play with educational toys. But the reality is that children, however small, are innately fast learners. Therefore, it depends on the adults how we wish to help them in the process of learning to shape their future. These toys are not restricted to colorful letters or numbers, the puzzles and blocks are also highly useful in improving observation and creativity in young children.

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