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Wooden Educational Toys For Kids

Wooden Educational Toys For Kids

Kids love toys but as parents, you need to give toys that can help in the physical and mental development of your kids. With the new invention of gadgets and vast changes in the technology world, it's easy for kids to access e-books, videos, podcasts, and other resources online.

The Benefits of Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are naturally safe.

Wooden toys are commonly made from wood materials which makes them a better option compared to plastic-made toy products. Wood is a renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable substance. These materials can be colored using pigments that are toxic-free. Compared to mass-made plastic toys, wooden toys are usually produced using raw materials that are sustainably sourced and were handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. Since wooden toys use raw and natural materials, they let children have a personal connection to our mother nature.

Wooden toys offer the best educational value.

These wooden toys are without electronic parts or tech voices that instruct children on how to play, they are the ones who will manipulate and discover how to use them that will gradually develop their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, reasoning skills, and problem-solving skills. Classic or modernized wooden toys such as puzzles, building blocks, and miniature construction sets can be used also in helping children to know how to understand and count numbers.

Wooden toys have a tactile feel and a classic look.

Children find it an adventure and interesting to play with toys having various shapes, textures, sizes, colors, and weights. The features of plastic toys nowadays can't offer the same sensory experience that wooden toys offered. You can even touch and feel it for yourself. The swell-crafted wooden toys have a sensational feeling when being touched. Since these wooden toys have a tactile sensation to kids and a bit of weight, they can play with these toys and are aware of what they're doing. This is so significant for kids with sensory disorders or fine motor skill development that is delayed. The tactile feature of wooden toys allows your kids to think and exert more effort while they are playing. For instance, a wooden toy car may not move as fast or smooth as a plastic or metal toy car, forcing the children to exert a bit of physical energy to make these toys move.

Wooden toys can excite their wildest imagination.

Plastic toys are the result of the advancement in technology period. Every year, there's always a new toy in the market which features some added or new uses. like LCD screens, activated sounds, whistles, colorful buttons, bells, and more. These features might capture the full attention of students and might lead to addiction and tend to forget doing their school and home assignments. Talking about children's learning, making it as simple as it is is a good way to engage their participation and boost their energy. Most wooden toys do not have insignificant sounds or unnecessary attachments, giving a blank slate like the traditional toys which children can play using their imagination is the best way for their mental development

Wooden toys make their interaction with others.

Playing with toy laptops, computer games, or using mobile phones can be educational and entertaining but this can become a solitary and boring activity that does not promote social interaction. Unlike wooden toys, they can help in cultivating a sense of cooperation, interplay, communication, cooperation, understanding each difference, respect, and synergy among kids. Wooden toys can also be free from any distractions that most plastic toys have, encouraging your kids to positively interact with them by making sound effects or voices, and various noises. They can do this on their own or by playing along with other children. Since these wooden toys can ignite their sense of role-played creative imagination, this will help in the development of your child’s spatial and social awareness.

Wooden toys are durable that will last long. It is real that kids are very hyper and rough on their toys: they all end up being thrown around, bashed, or left out when they lose interest in playing with those toys. Plastic toys normally break their parts while those toys having an audio-visual or digital feature might not function well or be obsolete as new versions and styles are introduced in the market. Wooden toys can take quite a battering or survive and can still be handed down to the future generation. These wooden toys are composed of solid wood so they are hard to fully damage besides scratches and dents. If they get some dirt, you can easily clean those dirt and use them for the next time. So if you want to invest in toys which you want to last long to pass from one kid to another, these wooden toys are the best option.

Wooden toys are safe.

It is part of the reality that most plastic toys can break or chip off easily, leaving minor parts wherein children might swallow or they contain sharp edges which might cut accidentally their body parts. Young children especially babies may put small things in their mouths and this is dangerous for their health. Since wooden toys are long-lasting and durable, they cannot easily be broken. Wooden toys can also make connections with mother nature by tactile sensation experience, enhancing their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. With the different range of wooden toys sold in the market today, parents and children can explore further the world of play and enjoy its benefits.

Montessori Puzzle For 1-5 Years

Best Feature

  • Materials are Safe. The base and blocks are purely made of solid wood with water-based paint.
  • Puzzle Game. Your kid will need to comprehend the size and shape of those colorful blocks to put them back together to the cute base.
  • Developmental Benefits. While they are playing with this wooden toy, they will also develop their motor skills, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, color and shape recognition.
  • Best Gift: The best option for preschool toddlers as their birthday present. Those bright colors and fun games will always catch their eyes.

Rainbow Blocks Toy

Best Features

  • Safe and Durable. These are made of wood materials that are non-toxic. Ensured that these will never carry chip or foul odor and by various tests to deter damage to kids's tender hands.
  • Right Size for kids. Little wooden man size is 0.94" wide x 1.69" high. Rainbow size is 5.62" wide x 2.75" high x 1.18" thick; Size of square rainbow is 6.49" wide x 3.35" high x 1.18" thick.
  • Enhance Intimacy. Preschool toys can be used together with their parents to strengthen closer relationship. It is also adequate for many kids to play together, which could stimulate friendship and interaction with their playmates.
  • Creativity and Imagination Stimulated. After the distinction of shapes and colors, kids could skillfully develop various lovely shapes. It is an excellent option to their early teaching and mental development.
  • Perfect Gift for Kids. Various colors and different patterns are liked by kids. Perfect Christmas or birthday present to them and these will also make a beautiful decoration on the bookshelf or bedside table.

Carrots Harvest Educational Toy 

Best Features

  • Safe Materials. These are made of natural pine wood with water-based paint which is a non-toxic. These toys are 100% safe for your children.
  • Developmental Advantages. While playing with this wooden toy, your little one is also developing different skills like shape and color recognition, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Sorting Game. Your child needs to discern the size of each carrot and place them back in the right area suited for its shape.
  • Great Gift. Perfect option for your kids during their birthdays or special occasion present. Its cute and colorful design will always capture their attention. Product has been assessed according and appropriate to children's age.
  • This educational wooden toy is constructed to encourage kids at an early age to be resourceful, positive thinker, independent, creative and practical explorers in the world that surround them.

Wooden Activity Cube Montessori Toys

Best Feature

  • Cute giraffe activity cube with arithmetic beads, bead maze, digital sliding surface composition, promotes children's counting and basic math skills and senses ability; Bright colors and cute animal shapes help attract children's attention; Suitable for 1-3 years old girls and boys.
  • Learning 1-10 numbers with the 7 colors arithmetic beads; Learning simple addition and subtraction algorithms in a vivid way, through the sliding block which printed with numbers, and symbols of addition and subtraction.
  • Made of high-quality pine wood and coated with environmentally friendly water. Non-toxic, smooth surface, 100% safe for your baby.

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