Outdoor Toys For Kids | Outdoor Toys For 6 Year Old

Outdoor Toys For Kids

Outdoor Toys For Kids

It’s a fact that all kids love playing outside and enjoy a variety of activities that give them endless hours of joy at the playground. Then again, there are times when you just like to enjoy having them play in the backyard or front yard of your own home. If you have kids that love climbing and swinging, here are some excellent outdoor toys for kids that will keep them busy without going to the park or playground.

1. Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Here’s an activity that isn’t quite what the name implies and will give your kids a whole variety of climbing, swinging, and hanging fun. It's easy to set up between two trees to secure the slackline itself, but after that, you can adjust all of the separate obstacles that hang along this slackline. There are a total of 9 individual activities that come with this portable jungle gym.

There is a rope ladder on one end and a swing on the other, while hanging and swinging fist holds present a whole new challenge for hanging and swinging. The distance between the ladder and swing includes fist hold activities, including secure strap connectors for each that are easy to adjust for the size of your kids. These make it the best outdoor toys for 6 year old kids that are plus or minus a couple of years.

This entire kit comes complete with everything that you need including a convenient carry bag for storage when the weather isn't so nice. It can also be taken along with you to any location for setting up at kid's parties and events. Provided you have two sturdy trees or connection points between the 50-foot slackline, it sets up in a matter of minutes. There is wrap around ratchet straps that ensure that the line doesn’t go slack at any point.

This obstacle course rope and strapping are primarily made from heavy-duty nylon that will not rip or tear easily and are made to last for several years. Even the added attachments are made from high-strength sewn rope fittings and plastic covers. Other attachments include metal carabiners and triangle clips. They’ve even included tree protector wrap to make sure there is no slippage on the smoothest of trees.

2. Tree Climber For Kids

Most kids will be tempted to climb trees which can be pretty risky if they’re not being careful. This is why you can create an instant rock climbing surface around any tree using popular rock climbing hold shapes. Using two to three rock holds on any given strap, you can create the ultimate climbing challenge along a tree trunk for kids from 5 years and older. This kit provides you with a total of 12 plastic holds and 6 ratchet straps.

Since this activity sets up on any tree truck that's at least larger than your upper arm but no wider than your waistline, you can attach these durable nylon ratchet straps. Each of the straps runs through the rock holds so they will become secure spots for holding and climbing. The ratchet strap uses tension just like the strap lines you see on semi-trucks and is easy to cinch down using minimal effort.

Since this kit is ideal for active climbers, you might want to think about buying a second set so you have more opportunities to make a complete obstacle course up the tree trunk. Within minutes you can transform an ordinary tree into an interactive play station that will keep your kids busy for several hours. When they're done, you can take any storage sack or backpack and store all of your straps and hanging holds along with you to the next location.

This is an ideal gift for kids that love climbing and is portable enough to take on vacation to parks or over to friends' homes. It's also an excellent addition to birthday parties where other kids can try their luck at being mini rock climbers. You can decide how high you want your kids to climb or how many holds are on each strap. This is another great reason to purchase a second set to have outdoor toys for kids including more variety for climbing fun.

 3. Outdoor Saucer Swing

Perhaps you've seen these rounded swings at the playground and always wanted to bring one into your backyard. This is just the kind of swinging fun that allows two kids to swing at the same time. The diameter of this is 3' 4" and can even seat both parents and their kids up to a total weight of 700 pounds! If that doesn't sound impressive enough, here's what else this saucer swing provides.

Encircled with bright blue, green, and orange strips, every kid will want to test their swing skills on this colorful swing. It attaches using two individual hanging straps that are securely attached to an overhead tree branch or outdoor overhead beam. It can also be completely assembled and disassembled in minutes and fits conveniently into a portable gym bag. The adjustable rope attachments can be adjusted from 40 to 70 inches from their hanging point.

This swing can also be used indoors provided you have a secure ceiling hook that is strong enough to support the weight of up to 700 pounds. It also includes two professional carabiners that attach to built-in metal rings atop the support ropes. After this, you can adjust the height of the swing for your kids. This saucer swing is the best outdoor toys for 6 year old but is perfectly suitable for younger kids with supervision.

This unique swing design makes it practical to take with you to indoor or outdoor parties where kids will love sitting together in this swing. Thanks to the all-weather design and nylon ropes, it won't be easily worn out by those climbing on and off this swing. The framing tubes that create the saucer shape have added foam padding to ensure that kids don't get hurt if they bump their heads on them.

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