Carrots Harvest Wooden Educational Toy

Carrots Harvest Wooden Educational Toy

Carrots Harvest Wooden Educational Toy

    The Montessori Method is a concept that most parents are aware of or at least have seen the word in their favorite parenting sites, blogs, or books. This philosophy has been growing in popularity, and if you have missed it or just became a parent, it’s time to learn more about it.

    The Montessori Method has existed for centuries, and it’s all about giving your children natural and simple-to-use tools to nurture their emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development. The approach consists of liberating your children and giving them the chance to experiment and learn on their own. As parents, we help them by providing educational toys that they can touch, hold, manipulate, and experiment with.

    One of the first Montessori toys that you can introduce to your child is the Carrots Harvest Wooden Educational Toy. It’s suitable for one to three-year-olds and will be the perfect birthday gift for your baby or any other child in that age group.

    The Carrots Harvest Montessori Toy is a sorting puzzle with slots for carrots. The carrots in this engaging toy are of different sizes, and this allows your child to experiment and recognize that only one hole is suitable for that specific carrot size. Just like all Montessori toys, this one is made of natural pine wood material for a healthy and safe playing experience. This toy gives your child an opportunity for independent work and growth that is happening at the pace that your child is comfortable with.

    With one stable and solid base and seven carrots decorated with the use of only safe water-based paints, this Montessori toy will help your child to develop fine motor, shape and size recognition and dexterity skills, as well as hand-eye coordination skills. As a result, your baby will acquire his or her first logic and reasoning skills. The discovery and learning of these new abilities will help your child to develop speech and other essential skills.

    The Carrots Harvest Toy is the best gift for any toddler or kindergarten kid. Children love it for the texture, simplicity, attractive design, and the freedom that it gives them to discover this world on their own. The seven carrots are large enough for your baby to easily hold them in his/ her tiny fingers. The child learns how to sort and manipulate objects in a playful manner. The toy doesn’t overwhelm children but helps them focus on the task and explore the new and exciting sorting technique.

    With the Carrots Harvest Toy, children can imagine themselves as little farmers and immerse themselves in a realistic yet educational experience. Toddlers don’t know the concept of real or fake, and everything parents show them they consider as part of reality. It makes more sense to introduce them to real-looking carrots and realistic harvesting experience than to unicorns, dragons, and talking animals. Encourage your children to discover the world as it is, instead of confusing them with fictional elements and creatures.

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